2 Best Reel Mowers

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Do reel mowers cut better?

Reel mowers cut your grass better compared with rotary mowers because it snips off grass blades like scissors. This retains the natural moisture of your grass, leaving it healthy and green. It also allows your grass to heal faster, preventing it from getting diseases and attracting insects. Many homeowners and professionals prefer reel mowers over rotary mowers as the latter chops and tears grass blades with a single horizontally-spinning blade which leaves grass torn and shredded.

Do reel mowers actually work?

Reel mowers work by pushing it forward. As you do this, its mower blades spin in a vertical motion, snipping grass tips. Reel mower blades cut grass like scissors. This cutting method is believed to leave your grass healthy as it retains moisture in the grass. Reel mowers are recommended for lawn owners with a yard that’s at lower mowing heights, while rotary mowers are advisable for homeowners with garden at higher mowing heights.

What are the best reel mowers?

Mower guide websites recommend the Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower and the Fiskars 18-Inch StaySharp Max Reel Mower as two of the best reel mowers in the market.

Is a reel mower hard to push?

Old reel mower models in the past might be challenging to move around but modern ones are lightweight and fairly easy to work on. New models in the market weigh around 20 to 40 lbs. These are built with ball bearing wheels and sharp steel blades that allows you to glide across your yard and cut the grass with ease.

Can a reel mower cut wet grass?

A reel mower can cut wet grass but the outcome may vary depending on the amount of moisture your grass has and how sharp your mower blades are. Mowing your lawn with wet grass using a reel mower can pose a few challenges. Mower blades may not whirl quickly, which may cause safety issues such as slipping or cutting an object or a person on its way. It is advisable to let the grass dry first before cutting it using a reel mower.

Can a reel mower cut tall grass?

A reel mower can cut tall grass with a maximum height of 6 inches. Set your reel mower to its highest cut setting if you’re planning to use it to cut tall grass. If your grass is taller than this height, you’ll need a string trimmer or a riding mower to trim it before cutting it with a reel mower. Chopping off tall grass with a reel mower is a bit challenging and will need more of your energy and time. Choosing a good reel mower for tall grass can also make mowing easier.

Why are reel mowers better?

Reel mowers are better compared with rotary mowers because they provide cleaner cut. They’re also ideal for smaller, flat-type lawns. Reel mowers also work better depending on the type of grass. Grasses like Bermuda and St. Augustine will give reel mowers a difficult time because of their thickness. However, reel mowers like the Fiskars can help lawn owners to mow thick grasses with ease.

What are the benefits of a reel mower?

A reel mower has a lot of benefits. Its blade mechanism makes your grass healthy. It cuts through the grass like scissors instead of shredding it, leaving it with a neat cut. This machine also promotes physical activity. All you have to do is push it to jumpstart the mowing. It’s lightweight, affordable, and environment-friendly too.

How often should you mow with a reel mower?

Schedule your mowing activity based on how long your grass has grown. It should have grown from 3 to 4 inches before cutting it. If it grows rapidly after a week, you may do another round of mowing. Adjusting your mowing schedule based on rainfall and temperature may also work. Warmer temperatures and frequent rainfall will allow the grass to grow tall quickly. The colder season provides lawn owners time off to mow their lawn as some grass types become dormant during the cool season.