Worx WG774

Intellicut 56V Cordless 20-Inch Lawn Mower with Mulching Capabilities

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Final Score
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Worx WG774
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9 reasons to buy

  • Various users were pleased that the Worx WG744 was very easy to push and maneuver because of its lightweight design.
  • Many people liked that the mower cuts and mulches very well because of its Intellicut feature which automatically increases torque on demand.
  • The majority of reviewers were pleased with the mower’s excellent battery runtime. Most users were able to cut their lawn on a single charge.
  • Several buyers valued that the WG744 is very well built from hard durable plastic.
  • The mower’s cutting height is easily adjustable by a single lever.
  • Users were pleased that the mower can be stored easily because of its small size.
  • A user found the inclusion of a battery level indicator convenient.
  • The mower runs very quietly allowing owners to mow early in the morning without bothering neighbors.
  • One buyer appreciated that the charger can charge both batteries simultaneously.

2 reasons not to buy

  • An avid user was displeased that the mower needed both batteries inserted for it to work.
  • A user complained that the handles were locked in place by handle-screws and are sometimes annoying to fold down for storage.

Bottom Line

The Worx WG744 exceeded the expectations of consumers who loved the mower’s excellent battery run time. Even though it required both batteries inserted, the mower can easily cut a one-eighth acre lawn on a single charge. With its good mulching and cutting ability plus multiple features that make it easy to use, the WG744 is highly recommended for buyers wanting a hassle-free mowing experience.


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3 Years


65 lbs

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Battery Power Level Indicator, Wash Out Port, One-Touch Fully Collapsible Handle, Foam Padded Handle

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4/5 based on
5 reviews

Isaiah's Reviews

Isaiah's Reviews

WORX 56v Push Mower, Trimmer & Blower REVIEW

Dewi Larasati33

Dewi Larasati33

WORX WG774 Intellicut 56V Cordless 20 Inchi Lawn Mower with Mulching Capabilities,

Tips for Worx WG774

  • For long grass, it is recommended to make at least 2 passes. Set the mower to its highest applicable setting for the first pass and adjust the height to the desired length on the second pass.
  • The mower’s blade can bend easily when it comes in contact with roots or pebbles to protect its motor. Regularly check and sharpen blades if necessary.
  • For lawns larger than one-eighth of an acre. Extra batteries are recommended for an uninterrupted mower run time.



Q: Can the WG744’s batteries work with other Worx tools?
A: Yes, the mower includes two 20V Power Share batteries and is compatible with over 30 Worx tools.

Q: Is the mower self-propelled?
A: No, the mower is self-push but is still very easy to push and maneuver.

Q: Can I run the mower on a single battery while I charge the other?
A: No, both batteries are required to run the mower.

Q: Is the mower difficult to assemble?
A: The mower comes almost completely assembled. Only the handles need attachment.

Q: Is a bag included?
A: Yes, the mower arrives with a grass catcher and a mulching attachment.

Q: Is a charger included?
A: Yes, a charger is included. The charger can also charge both batteries simultaneously.

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