Remington RM3100

18-Inch Reel Manual Push Mower

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Final Score
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Remington RM3100
We spent 9.2 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here’s what users think:

9 reasons to buy

  • A large number of reviewers found the Remington RM3100 easier to push than a motorized lawnmower because of its lightweight design.
  • A vast majority of users loved that they no longer needed to deal with gas, cords, and batteries during mowing.
  • The mower is easy to assemble out of the box.
  • Numerous consumers liked that the mower is quiet and does not bother neighbors when mowing early in the morning or at night.
  • The mower’s height is easily adjustable.
  • Plenty of owners liked that the mower comes with a removable grass catcher for easy clipping disposal.
  • Some purchasers noted that the mower is durable and very well built.
  • A user commented that the RM3100 does not stir up dust when used, unlike motorized mowers.
  • One buyer loved the mower’s maneuverability thanks to the RM3100’s large wheels.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A handful noted that small branches and hard debris can cause the mower to stall.
  • A significant number of critics noted that the grass catcher can often come loose during mowing.
  • Like all manual mowers, several buyers noted that the RM3100 has difficulty cutting very tall grass and weeds.
  • At least one purchaser mentioned that the mower’s design limits it from mowing close to fence lines.

Bottom Line

The Remington RM3100 was generally well-loved by consumers. It was regarded for its affordability, ease of use, low maintenance, and sturdy build. Purchasers also loved that a grass catcher was included for easier clipping disposal. However, like most reel mowers, the RM3100 works best in maintaining flat yards that are clear from debris such as twigs or small branches. It’s wheel design also limited it from mowing close to fence lines and walled edges. But overall, the RM3100 is highly recommended for small to medium yard owners looking for a hassle-free, low maintenance mower.


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2 Years


13 lbs

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Durable 5-Blade, Comfortable Handle, Adjustable Height

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3.9/5 based on
279 reviews

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Tips for Remington RM3100

  • It is best to use a fluid film spray to protect blades from corrosion and debris build-up.
  • To keep the grass bag from falling off, empty the grass bag often and adjust the mower’s cutting height to prevent the bag from being dragged while mowing.



Q: Is the mower easy to push?
A: Yes, the mower is very lightweight and is easier to push than a motorized mower.

Q: What are the tabs to change the mower’s cutting height made off?
A: The high adjustment levers are made of metal with plastic handle tabs.

Q: Is the mower’s height adjustable?
A: Yes, the mower has multiple settings for height adjustment.

Q: What is the mower’s maximum cutting height?
A: The mower has a maximum cutting height of 2 1/2 inches.

Q: What are the mower’s box dimensions?
A: The box size is 24x19x10 inches.

Q: Can I mow lower than half an inch for a golf course like cut?
A: No, the mower’s minimum cutting height is 3/4 inches.

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