Jonsered L2821

21-Inch 160cc GCV160 Honda 3-in-1 Walk Behind Front-Wheel-Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Final Score
Final Score
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3.2/5 from
 30 users
Jonsered L2821
We spent 7.4 hours reading reviews from customers and experts. In summary, here’s what users think:

7 reasons to buy

  • Plenty of owners claimed that the Jonsered L2821 starts easily and consistently on the first pull.
  • Most users appreciated that the mower is easy to assemble. Assembly consist of just unfolding the handle and attaching the grass bag.
  • The mower’s self-propel is easy to use and has variable speed.
  • Some buyers valued that the mower has a fuel shut off valve to help protect the engine from flooding.
  • The mower cuts very well thanks to its high-tunnel cutting deck design.
  • Some buyers liked the mower’s maneuverability and lightweight design.
  • A couple of users noted that the mower vacuumed grass and leaves well.

2 reasons not to buy

  • At least one purchaser noted that the wheel mounts were not very well built and sometimes cause the mower to wobble.
  • One review mentioned that the grass bag does not block dust when mowing.

Bottom Line

Based on the number of positive feedback it received, consumers loved the Jonsered L2821. The reliability and power of the 160cc Honda engine, and various features while staying affordable was beneficial for a lot of buyers. Although it seems that the model still needs improvement with its build quality especially on the wheel mounts, it still cut well and the majority of users were satisfied with their purchase of the Jonsered L2821.


Additional information



Cutting Width


, , ,

Max Cutting Height

Min Cutting Height

Mower Type

Self Propelled

Power Source



3 Years


85 lbs

Additional Info

Dual Trigger, Variable Speed Controls, Quick Height Adjustment, High Rear Wheels, Water Hose Connection

Video Reviews

3.2/5 based on
30 reviews

Sterling W

Sterling W

Costco! Jonsered 21" AWD – Lawn Mower (160cc )! $399!!!

Joe Pelayo

Joe Pelayo

Jonsered 21-Inch AWD Self-Propelled Mower From Costco



Repair Self-Propelled Mower – Got it Working!!!

Tips for Jonsered L2821

  • It is recommended to use a fuel stabilizer to help protect the mower’s engine.
  • To keep the mower in the best running condition, clean the mower after each use.



Q: How do I change the mower’s oil without an oil drain plug?
A: The Jonsered L2821 does not need oil changes. Just check oil regularly and top up as needed.

Q: Does the mower have a push start option?
A: No, the mower is a pull start and starts easily.

Q: Is the mower rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive?
A: This model is front-wheel drive.

Q: What is the mower’s maximum cutting height?
A: The mower has a maximum cutting height of 4 inches and a minimum cutting height of 1 inch.

Q: How many blades does this mower have?
A: The mower is equipped with one blade.

Q: What type of oil is recommended for use?
A: It is recommended to use 10W-30 synthetic oil.

Q: Can the mower mulch?
A: Yes, the mower does an excellent job at mulching.

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